Thursday, February 1, 2007

Chapter 8: One Must Know the Jews to Truly See America

Part 1
I was originally planning to translate the book from cover to cover in order. This morning I was flipping through the book on the bus and I got sucked into the eighth chapter, which deals with the history of Judaism. When I set out to translate this book I expected to find some interesting perspectives or factual errors. Instead I've found a full-on anti-Semitic polemic, and various other dubious comments about race which I'll get to later. Without further ado, Chapter 8: One Must Know the Jews to Truly See America: Jews, the powerful force that moves America.
My comments are in italics this color, particularly interesting portions are in red.

This picture opens up the chapter on page 219

Among all the countries of the world, there is only one race in which a majority of the people don't live in their country of origin (본국), and that is the Jews.
Cartoon Korean man: "Korea = The country of Koreans."
Cartoon Chinese man: "China = The country where 95% of the people are of the Han nationality."
Cartoon Chinese man: "The largest population of people living outside their home country is the 40 million Chinese who live abroad. But that's only 0.3% of their home country's 1.3 billion people."
Israel has a population of 6.2 million. There are 6.5 million Jews in the U.S.
The nationless race of Jews (나라 없는 민족 유대인) were chased out of their homeland of Palestine in 70AD. They spread throughout the whole world for almost 2000 years.
(Graphic shows lines radiating out of Palestine to Western Europe and subsequently to America, Central Europe, East Europe, Africa, India, Asia and subsequently China).
Is this accurate? I was led to believe that the majority of American Jews come from Eastern and Central Europe.

The Jewish race, that advanced from Africa to China, share something with the Chinese, in that there is not a corner of the world in which either has not set down roots.
In all the world, Korea is the only place where the Jews failed to set down roots.
(Graphic shows a Joseon soldier in a guard tower)
Soldier: Only in Korea, where there aren't even any Chinatowns, were Jews unable to settle.
It's impossible to know which of the two races is the most "severe" (or harsh or sharp, "어쩌 보면 두 민족은 전세계에서 가장 '지독한' 민족일지도 몰라")
We Koreans, who are hard-working and diligent and are sad to come in second, can amass great victories in America with our competitive spirit. But in the end each and every time we hit a barrier, and that barrier is the Jews.
We Koreans, who don't know how to lose to any other race . . .

". . . [We] can never surpass the wall of Jews in American society."

This is not only true of Koreans: Every other race and ethnicity has this in common.

Cartoon Jew: "So many people hate us, but no one can mess with us."
Jews make up slightly more than 2% of the American population. They control American finance and naturally the American economy controls the world economy. They twist the media to their own ends and control the world of politics. They pilot the U.S. government from behind the scenes and they even have world politics wrapped around their finger (좌지우지). They have a monopoly on Hollywood and paint a picture of the Jewish people as virtuous victims. They play the part of herald for the message that the Arabs and Muslims that they oppose are a barbarous and violent mass.
In a word, the whites at the heart of America are called WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants). . .

". . .but the real group that controls America through money and media pressure is the Jews."

So if you don't understand the Jews, you'll never understand America.

So what kind of people are the Jews? The Jews and their current implacable enemies the Arabs are sister races, both find their roots in the Semitic language family. They both draw their ancestry from their earliest forebear Abram or Abraham. According to the old testament, Abraham's great-grandson Judah lent his name to the Jews. Jews differed from other Arab peoples in their belief in the single god Yahweh.

So he's saying that the Jews are a kind of Arab, just to be clear here.

They believe that the Jews were chosen by God and that some day God would send a messiah, i.e. a savior, to save the Jewish people from hardship. The Jews clashed strongly with neighboring peoples over their belief that they were the chosen people, their monotheism and their belief in a Messiah. Even worse, their refusal to accept the gods of the invading Romans proved to be a huge stumbling block. Eventually in 70AD, they were expelled from their homeland.

This is called the Diaspora, in which the Jews were chased out of their homeland, Palestine, by the Romans.

The book does use the word Isreal in cartoons depicting the modern state of Isreal. but whenever referring to the origin of Jews it uses the term Palestine, insinuating that Isreal is a modern invention, I imagine.

From then on it was all sorrow for the Jews. They were the target of hatred and oppression as a parasite race living in other people's lands. The Jews spread out to all the compass points, but there were two main groups. One group followed the Arabian conquest of the old Roman Empire into Spain and
Portugal. The other is the group that scattered into Germany and Central Europe.
The Jews of Spain and Portugal and the Arab world are called
Sefaradim. The Jews of Germany are called Ashkenazim. Even
today there are two religious leaders, one for each group.
The Sefaradim and Ashkenazim existed in equal numbers during the
Middle Ages, but in 1492, Spain issued a complete order of deportation and the Sefaradim numbers fell.

(Graphic shows a voice coming from under a flag and sword)

Voice: "Since we're expelling the Muslims, expel the Jews, who are of a different religion too."
Up until World War 2, their population didn't pass 1.5 million
out of a total 16.5 million Jews.
During World War 2, Nazi Germany achieved the slaughter
of 6 million Jews. They killed 1/3 of the world's Jews in
this act of barbarity. But why would Christians hate Jews so much?

This is nearly the only reference to the holocaust in the book.

The first reason is that in their religion, central figures say that the Jews killed Jesus, but that's ridiculous. Jesus was a Jew, and his first believers were Jews. That's just an excuse for hating Jews. The second and biggest reason for hating Jews is that they will never give up their religion and reject Christianity, because they believe they are the chosen people and that a Messiah is coming.
To make them a groveling race, they were not allowed to own land. They couldn't join clubs or engage in commerce and industry. They were gathered together and made to live in ghettos.

There's plenty more on it's way. The general gist is that the Jews are a particularly unpleasant kind of Arab from Palestine twisted by years of oppression into a malevolent and unbeatable force.


Colin said...

On p. 221, the quote in the last panel of the top row is actually more like "Even though many people hate and despise us, nobody can mess with us."

Joe Mondello said...

Yeah, you're right, I missed that. I've fixed it now.

Anonymous said...

i don't know about anti-semetic. counter factual, sure. but anti-semetic i don't see it. like, the comic book says that the Jewss homeland was Palestine, which any anti-semite (at least these days) will deny to the last.

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Anonymous said...

Koreans may be harsh but they are very blunt in their observations. They are not anti-Semitic. In fact, Koreans admire the Jews for their accomplishments of Nobel Prizes and many other stupendous achievements. In fact, Koreans have been presenting stories of the Talmud to their children since Koreans believe the genius of the Jews is attributed to the Talmud. This was admitted in an article and you can search for it. But, I who is half-Korean know full well the Jews do OWN Amerika. Come on, how hard can it be to takeover Amerika, when your average American spends time drinking beer and watching the endless crap on television and donating to idiot Christian Pastors who claim the Jews are god's people. I am admire Jews and always strive for the truth and my Jew brothers, Jews do own Amerika as they should.

Phebe said...

There's no doubt, the dude is absolutely just.

Anonymous said...

The comic book series has the basics correct.

Jews have owned the banking system -- a money-creation system -- in the USA since late 1913. (The Federal Reserve laws. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation owned by jews.)

Jews have owned the major media for generations. Jews bought the New York Times in 1896, for example.

Every president's administration has been full of jews since Franklin Delano Roosevelt's.

These are facts, not opinions, no speculation.

A commenter above mentioned the Talmud. PLEASE read some of the Talmud. It will prove to you that jews are the anti-humans on this planet. Jews are against all other races. Yes, jews are a RACE. Learn the truth about race, please. Albert Einstein, if you choose to believe him, was a jew, and he said jews are a race. So have many many jew rabbis said that.

Jews stole movie inventions from Thomas Edison and established Hollywood. Jews own Hollywood. Jews own all of the tv networks.

It's astonishing but true that the jew minority is convincing the White race that Whites are the villains on the planet. Jews are the villains. Jews are using the other races, including Korean immigrants, as tools against the Whites, displacing the Whites, and race-mixing Whiteness to death.

That IS what is happening. The truth is plain to see for anyone who will calmly allow reality into their heads.

My name is James T. Laffrey. I am, as should all non-jew people be, anti-jew. (Arabs and Palestinians are the main "Semites," so it's stupid to call me, or General George Patton, or Eustace Mullins, or Charles Lindbergh, "anti-semitic." We are anti-jew, not anti-semitic. But is yet another lie created by jews to confuse and defeat all nonjews.)

The truth does not fear investigation. So, why do jews make it a crime to disagree with them? There's your proof.

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