Sunday, February 4, 2007

Chapter 8, pages 227-230 (Wherein we are told that the Jews caused American Slavery and the genocide of the Native Americans)

Part 3
Thanks to the one and only Marmot for sending people this way. I've had some great feedback from like-minded people and some well appreciated help with my translation from Colin, and an offer to put Chapter 8 on Flickr and make it publicly available. I had considered it, but I'm not really equipped for it and my own copy is too messy to scan. Also it's good to know that someone out there is double-checking my translation. I certainly try to be as faithful to the original as I can, but I'm not perfect. That said, I am a bit unsure about my translation of a few sentences on page 227. The Sombart quotes that Rhie uses are perhaps beyond my abilities. Anyway, on with the show.

So what is the relationship between America and the Jews? In the early 20th century, German economist and sociologist Werner Sombart said "What we call the American Spirit is nothing more than the Jewish ethos."

Thanks to Colin for the translation hlp here. The original (Korean translation of German, presumably) had "우리가 '미국의 혼 (양키 혼)' 이라고 부르는 것은 순수한 유대정신에 지나지 않는다"
The American spirit is a stage in the deterioration of Judaism into a form that wears the mask of Christianity, which is known as Puritanism. (아메리카의 정신은 퓨리탄(청교)을 통하여 그리스도교의 가면을 쓴 유대교로 변질되어가는 과정이며 . . .)
(Graphic shows Sombart speaking to an angry crowd)
Sombart: "Puritanism is artificial Judaism."
Crowd: "How could he go so far?"
What's so Antisemitic about this idea?
(Graphic shows two angry men)
Angry man 1: "Sombart is a mouthpiece for the Nazis and hates Jews."
Angry man 2: "No, what he says could be true."
After Cromwell's Puritanical Revolution, England gradually became Judaified (유대화되어 갔다).
(Graphic shows England with three trees labeled, in ascending order of size, "The Anglican Church"(성공회), "Puritanism"(청도교), and "Jewish power" (유대세력))
The Puritan group crossed to America to build the U.S.
(Graphic shows a ship containing trees labeled "Puritanism" and "Jews" (청도교 and 유대인) approaching the New World)
After Cromwell, England gradually started to be influenced more and more.
(Graphic shows a Jew handing a bag with a dollar sign on it to an Englishman.
Jew: "You need this, right?
Finally, the government of the U.K., and going forward, world politics, came under the sway of the Jews (유대인들의 입김이 크게 작용 하게 되었다는 의미이고 . . .)
(Graphic shows the Jew, now hiding behind the Englishman, whispering in his ear)
Jew (to Englishman): "It must be done"
Englishman (to the reader): "Do it!"
This is more of the same nefarious Jewry, with the yarmulkes and the white robes and the hook noses. Note, however, that cartoons of all races have huge bulbous noses in Rhie's books.

The reason can be summarized as Puritanism and Judaism's greatest point in common.
Englishman and Jew: "Money, Wealth!"

The world's religions oppose wealth and teach control of greed. This is done in order to maintain public order in human society and prevent the confusion of greed and pillage. Of course the Old and New Testaments disavow wealth (부를 부정한다). So Catholicism teaches not to covet wealth and honors. Buddhism teaches to empty the mind of desire. Hinduism from the very beginning taught not to own anything. Islam requires one to throw away earthly desire. In this way religions invariably teach to throw away earthly desires and see money making as an activity that can't be clean. Only two religions emphasize that it is OK to become wealthy: Judaism and Puritanism. Calvin emphasized the "Honest Rich Man" ("깨끗한 부자"), and so does Judaism emphasize becoming wealthy.
(Speech bubble coming out of a picture of the Talmud but not directly attributed to it) "Nothing is worse than poverty. Those stained with poverty take all the world's trouble."

I'm particularly interested in finding out what this clean rich man (깨끗한 부자) of his is. I can't find any direct quotes of Calvin's by doing a cursory internet search. Any clues?

The Jewish scripture "The Talmud" teaches the importance of wealth. (Marked as quote) "Poverty is much worse than all the pains in the world." "There are three pains people suffer: anxiety, arguments, and an empty wallet. Every part of the body depends on the mind. The mind depends on the wallet. Money is a blessing. Wealth is a fortress and poverty is the ruins of a fort."
Calvinism which forms the roots of Puritanism was repulsed by Catholicism and Lutheranism. It criticized Catholicism as rotten. Both Catholicism and Lutheranism rejected wealth, and Calvinism, which spoke for the newly emerging bourgeois class of manufacturers and traders, justified their occupation as honorable labor and their wealth as "honest wealth" (깨끗한 부, 즉 청부 (淸富)). After the English Revolution this idea formed the psychological basis of the Industrial Revolution. This became the theoretical basis of England's emerging capitalism.
Adam Smith, who was a Jew, wrote 'The Wealth of Nations' (유대인이었던 애덤 스미스의 <국부론>이 발표되었고 . . .) .
Full stop. This sentence essentially serves only to reinforce his contention that wealth and Jews are inextricably related. Adam Smith was not Jewish, and I have failed to even find any English sources that make the claim. Wikipedia specifically states that he was baptized in Kirkcaldy on June 5, 1723.
The book was published in 1776, the same year as the Declaration of Independence.

Protestantism, with its faith in the stockpiling of honest wealth
and Judaism, with its consideration of wealth as a virtue, formed a perfect match.

"Wherever Puritanism gained power, a feast of greed commenced . . .
The invisible principle character of that feast was definitely the Jew. Why?"

The first time I read this I absolutely refused to believe that I was understanding it correctly. I read the whole page several times thinking he was being ironic or quoting someone else, but his meaning is very clear, that every bad thing done in the name of colonialism and Western expansionism was the fault of the Jews and their wicked wicked money.
Jews were the first people to see money as a commodity, so the Jews are the ones who most penetrate the financial industry that makes money with money, because the Jews have an advantage (돈으로 돈을 버는 금융업을 가장 잘 꿰뚫어보고 이를 장악한 존재가 유대인이었거든 - Feel free to correct me if this is wrong).
To the Jews, who amid fierce pressure could hold not other jobs, money was the only thing they could believe in, as well as their most important weapon for protecting their lives (모진 핍박과 멸시 속에 다른 직업을 가질수 없었던 유대인들에게 오로지 믿을 수 있는 건 돈뿐이었고 돈은 그들의 생명을 지켜주는 소중한 무기였던 거야).
Naturally they persistently saved money and amassed great wealth, and they used their collected money to research new methods of making money. They created stock companies, banks, stock markets, et cetera. They held a grip on the financial market with tenacity and excellent skills that no other people (민족) could stand face to face with.


Colin said...

A few things with the translation:

p. 227 - Row 1, Panel 3: "no other than" would be better translated as "nothing more than".
R3, P2: 성공회 is "Anglican church".
p. 230 - R2, R2: "the invisible host of that feast"
R2, P2-3: "Jews were the first ones to see money as a commodity."
R3, P1: "To the Jews, who amid fierce pressure and contempt could hold no other jobs..."

Joe Mondello said...

Thanks for the great help, Colin. You've helped me understand the more difficult (to me) passages in the book. Just one question. Why would you have p230, R2 P1 as "the invisible host"? Host implies that they were making all of those things possible for others, but the text says "주인공", which I think most people would probably translate as "hero" or "main character". I'm intrigued by your choice there.

Bob said...

Wow. This is absolutely unreal and explains a few things I've heard from Koreans. I have seen the English version of book 9 and knew that something about it irked me but this takes the cake for blinkered generalisations.

Colin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colin said...

You're right about 주인공. I read it as 주인.

Joe Mondello said...

Say, Colin, thanks for double checking all this. Are you in Korea? maybe you could contact me by email.

Joseph said...

Adam Smith was not a Jew (as if it really matters except as a tiny point of information). But David Ricardo was, and the stereotypes Lee wants to stick to Smith adhere to Ricardo. But then again, Keynes and Rcardo are the only two major economic philosophers who knew how to make money, and Keynes was not Jewish.

The other skips over the rich history of Jewish intellectuals in Europe and the emergence of modern religious movements that mixed Enlightenment and Romantic thought with Judaism. He also misses how liberals used the topic of the Jewish Question to express radical ideas on politics, sort of like code, without actually referring to Jewish people in general.

I'd love to know the one, thin book this author skimmed to get his capsule history.

Colin said...

I am in Korea. I looked around the website, but I couldn't find an e-mail address.

Jonny said...

Colin, take a look at the left side of the page, just under Joe's photo. Thanks to all for interesting (and scary) reading. Feels like the early days of Nazi Germany persuasion going on here.

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