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Chapter 8, pages 240-242 (Wherein Rockefeller is a Jew and the most hated man in America and Jews control the news)

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Rockefeller was the top American conglomerate (Top 3: Rockefeller, DuPont and Mellon) There is ongoing dispute about whether or not he was a Jew but the matter is not clear. But the reason he is mistaken for a Jew is that his enterprise technique was exactly the same as the Jews. His number one business rule was to destroy the competition. He used intrigue, tricks, threat, menace, and naturally he mobilized industrial spies to steal information from his competition. He used bribery, violence, and to top it all he didn't hesitate to sabotage companies. This was cold hearted industrialist who cruelly knocked down the competitors who faced him.

Here we see the ruthless practices of Rockefeller, not a Jew by any means, being claimed as exactly the same as those of Jews.
In 1863 Standard Oil was established. By 1890 the tycoon controlled 90% of America's domestic oil production. He was the most hated American industrialist of the 1900s. This Rockefeller grabbed hands with the Rothschild family. Chase bank, which Rothschild established, and Manhattan bank, established by Rothschild front Kuhn Loeb [actually Kuhn, Loeb & Company: here he has confounded the company into a single person], merged and America's biggest bank Chase Manhattan was born!

In researching Kuhn, Loeb & Co. I found a great explanation of the history of this myth of Jewish control of the Federal Reserve, which is very enlightening to any of you who are not familiar with many of the conspiratorial claims typically made by antisemites.

After the passage of the Antitrust Act, Rockefeller's Standard Oil continued, broken up into pieces like New Jersey Standard (later to become Exxon). Five of the current seven major oil companies come from this, and the other two (BP and Royal Dutch Shell) were ruled directly by the Rothschilds. This means oil, the most important thing in the world, was controlled completely by Rockefeller and the Jews. So if Rockefeller was a Jew, the whole world's oil was in the palm of the Jews' hand.
(Graphic shows a man wondering, caption says Rockefeller = Rocke (rock) + Feller (cliff))
Man (thinking): "To look at the name, you'd think he was a Jew . . ."

More 'is he or isn't he' obfuscating, this time to plant the seeds of the 'Jews control the world's oil supply' conspiracy theory. Rockefeller was a 'devout Northern Baptist'.
The Rockefeller family produced a New York governor who went on to be Vice President, and also churned out a string of governors. Along with the king of steel Carnegie and the king of cars Ford, they represented American capitalism. In 1890, the Rockefeller fund donated huge amounts of money to farming, medicine, and environmental science sectors. They started the Green Revolution, which propelled the development of seeds to improve food supplies in poor countries. Rockefeller, who seemed to give many billions of dollars, was thanked by many.
But this one-time most hated industrialist in America still can't shake his bad reputation
(Graphic shows angry man)
Man: "[They] still accumulate too much money to bear. He did all that to get a tax exemption."

Jews don't just control the finance and movie industry. In the modern world the all-too-important press is totally controlled by the Jews.
(Graphic shows the author in front of a chart that says "Legislature, Judicial, Executive, Press)
Author: "The press is so powerful it is called the 4th branch [of government]

Just a translation note. The Korean word eonlon (언론) was translated by others as 'public discourse', and I will use the word 'press', although I think a better, if less accurate, translation would probably be 'news media'.
"It is not going too far to say, in a word, that the American press is a Jewish thing and that it's voice is the Jew's voice"

(Graphic shows newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, all with stars of David on them)
America's three most influential papers (the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and the New York Times) all are either owned by Jewws or have Jews involved in their management. The world news services AP and UPI naturally are owned by Jews. England's biggest news agency and the world's third biggest, Reuters was founded by Jew J. P. Reuters. America's top 3 channels, NBC, ABC, and CBS-TV are all under the power of Jews. The world's weekly Newsweek is too.
America's preeminent newspapers, broadcasters, magazines and other mass communication media are all owned by Jews. The newspaper king who established the Pulitzer Prize was also a Jew born in Europe who moved to America. New York Times' top writer Walter Lippmann was a Jew too.

Next time: The calm before the storm, how to spot a Jew, the crashing crescendo of Jewish conspiracy, and the summation of America's weaknesses. Plus: The 2 million Americans we must never hate!


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Hmmm your showing your ignorance.
Research first before making comments.

jamal said...

Hmmm your showing your ignorance.
Research first before making comments.

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