Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pictures from Monnara

I've placed all the most provocative pictures from Chapter 8 together with captions here. I think they're decent quality scans and they give a pretty good idea of the gist of the book's antisemitism. Spread them around.


D. Druce said...

Thanks so much for translating this material...I found it through the article in Yediot Ahronot.

I grew up in a suburb in New Jersey with lots of Jewish and Korean Americans and we all got on well. Some Korean-Americans knew the Bible better then we did and one of my neighbors was a Korean woman who converted and became an Orthodox Jew. Will have to read more to understand where in Korean Christianity these feelings come from...

Btw: A good friend of mine, also an American ex-pat aged 25 is teaching English in Paju.

Joe Mondello said...

This does not come from Korean Christianity. In fact the author explicitly states that the typical reason for Christians to hate Jews (killing Jesus) is ridiculous and that Jesus and his early followers were all Jews. In fact, the author seems to be fairly down on Christians as well. Remember, most Koreans are not Christian.
Another thing to consider is that Koreans living in America have actual day to day experiences with Jews and wouldn't be swayed by pat propaganda like this book, whereas the Koreans living in Korea have no reason to doubt the veracity of this very famous author.