Monday, February 12, 2007

An Interesting Parallel Case

It's worth it to check out Aron Ranen's inflammatory documentary "Black Hair" (handily collected for you at this old blog entry of mine) for an instance of Koreans being treated to the same sort of angry conspiracy theorizing as the Jews are in Mr. Rhie's book. The gist is that the Koreans have snuck into the Black hair care industry and vertically integrated retail, production and wholesaling. Ranen made the movie, and then subsequently attempted to use it as an anti-Korean piece of propaganda in an attempt to get Blacks to boycott Korean stores.
Incidentally, Ranen is the man responsible for the film Moon Hoax: Did We Go?, a classic in the field of fuzzy conspiratorial thinking. a true spiritual brother of Rhie Won-bok. Unfortunately, he is not the moon-hoax conspiracy theorist who got punched in the face by Buzz Aldrin, that was Bart Sibrel

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