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Chapter 8 pages 243-249 (Wherein we learn how to spot a Jew, why America is the Jew's guard dog, and America's fatal flaw)

Part 7
This is the end of the book. It starts off with what seems to be a bit of a change of heart, but proceeds to tie together all of Rhie Won-bok's negative views of the Jews and of America, essentially making Americans all out to be a bunch of rube cannon fodder for Jewish wars. highly insulting to all, no doubt about it.
I'm going to spend the next few days cleaning up some of the other entries, adding pictures with clearer captions, something easy for non-Korean speakers to quote, say, in the press, and put it all together in a sort of Monnara's Greatest Hits. After that I'm either going to translate Chapter 6: The Jungle Within the Cutting-Edge Society or perhaps something else, whatever the most interesting thing I can find is. I welcome any recommendations, so if you know something you think needs translating, email me at
And if you're only interested in shocking things to make your blood boil, skip pages 243-245.

A people who spent 2000 years wandering without a homeland and living in other people's lands must try many times harder than other peoples to survive, and if they didn't surpass others, they would face contempt and hardship due to their Jewishness.
Jews put into action their wisdom for survival and tried harder than anyone. They gave birth to innumerable glittering stars of human history. More than anything the fact that almost 100 Jews have won the Nobel Prize is a testament to that fact.
Poets like Heinrich Heine, musicians like Mendelssohn, innumerable artists, philosophers like Karl Marx, who reversed the course of the 20th century, leaders of the communist revolution like Trotsky, in the 2000 U.S. presidential election a Jew had the distinction of being a vice presidential candidate, scholars like Wittgenstein, psychologists like Sigmund Freud, stars such as Elizabeth Taylor (she converted when she married a Jew), directors such as Steven Spielberg, the Jew's power in entertainment is great.

It's kind of funny that he included Elizabeth Taylor, you must admit.

More than 90% of Jews living in America are Ashkenazim who emigrated East from Germany, and having lived in Germany they have features of the German language [in their names].
(Graphic shows "Kissinger = gravel digger, Stern = star, Mendelssohn = Mendel's son")
So you can know if somene is Jewish just by hearing their name.
(Graphis shows two men, one listening to headphones)
Listener: "I'm listening to a song by Leonard Cohen"
Man: "Cohen is a typical Jewish name"
Europe's whites' names mostly derive from jobs (Tayler, Smith, Miller). But Jews were chased from their homeland long ago, and were not allowed to hold jobs in Europe, so the Jews derived their names from the topographical features of the placeswhere they lived.
So the most typical name elements are Thal (valley), Berg (hill), Stein (stone), and Feld (field). So nine out of ten people with these descriptions of topographical features in their names are without a doubt Jews.

Lilienthal, strapped on wings and flew in the sky, means "lily valley". The world-class ceramic maker Rosenthal's name means "rose valley". Blumenthal means "flower valley". Wiesenthal means "grass valley". The first man to succeed in a trans-Atlantic flight, Lindbergh's name means "linden tree valley". Modern Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg's name means "beautiful mountain". Hollywood's greatest showman, director Steven Spielberg's name means "amusement park" (놀이동산). The 20th century's greatest scientist Einstein's name means "one stone", and famous conductor Bernstein's name means "Bern stone" Names with "-feld" in them are almost all Jewish names (Blumenfeld, Rumsfeld, Rosenfeld)
Christian whites mainly use names of the twelve apostles from the New Testament. Jews,who only recognize the 5 scriptures of Moses known as the Old Testament mainly use names from that work, so you can know if someone is a Jew [if they have such names] (Simon, Isaac, Solomon, Moses)

And that's how you spot a Jew. Now back to hardcore conspiracy.

America wields the finance of the world any way they want . . .
". . . but the American financial world is completely dominated by the Jews.
(The meat is labeled 'American financial world')
Chef: 'What shall I cook this time?"

Moreover, the modern media leads the world's trends.

"Newspapers, magazines, broadcasting, TV, telecommunications, and everything else are dominated by the Jews."
(Trumpets are labeled newspapers, broadcasters, communication, and magazines. The people are labeled "the masses")
Trumpeters: To the right!"

In today's world of image and age of the masses, stars are the idols of the masses and Hollywood is the birthplace [literally 'delivery room' (산실)] of the stars and entertainment that predominate the world. Hollywood is controlled by the Jews.

"Boy, in that case how could America possibly be free from the Jews?"

The Jews make sport of the American economy with the press and Hollywood's image, and of course the Jews exert great influence over America's domestic and international politics.
The core group of people that moves Washington power is the WASPs, but in reality the invisible power that moves them is the Jews. Indeed if the Jews aren't the real power that moves America and the world, what could it be?

What an incredibly good question. Who could it be that wields the real power behind the scenes? Could it be nobody? That's what they want us to believe.

Why would America keep protecting Israel completely and maintain hostile relationships with all of the Arab world, all the while taking all kinds of disrespect from the whole world? Why would America start wars with poor countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, setting up their moral duty as the eradication of WMDs and the War on Terror? Because the real power that moves America is the Jews.
The reason Arab terror power is gaining and people hate America, and New York's World Trade Center was destroyed by suicide attacks is because behind WASPs the Jews are there, swaying America to their own ends using money and the media as a weapon.
Therefore this country called America is the country that can't know the Jews and will never understand them.
(Graphic shows Statue of George Washington and two men labeled "a representation in Chicago of George Washington and two Jews who backed the U.S. economy)
In fact the statue is the George Washington-Robert Morris-Hyam Salomon Memorial and it is in Chicago.
Even before American history began, there was an invisible face moving behind the scenes
(Graphic shows the Union Jack with a Star of David flag behind it)

U.S. history is only 230 years long. Over the last 20 years the U.S. experienced the most wars of any country in the world. Since independence the U.S. has been in a state of war for 34 years, 15% of its history.
(Graphic shows American pointing across the ocean at an explosion)
American: "Since the beginning of the 20th century all our wars have taken place outside the U.S.
It's the country that kept having wars on a grand scale for 25 years
(Caption shows World War 1, World War 2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War)
The longest period of peace in American history was the 34 years between the Civil War and the Spanish-American War
(Graphic shows a soldier lying on the grass thinking "I'm bored")
America's lethal weakness is its low population density in a vast country, which means that there is a limit to America's arms production, transportation, and propagation, and the unending development of weapons of mass destruction is intended to solve this problem (미국의 치명적인 약점은 넓은 땅에 낮은 인구밀도로 무기생산, 운반, 보급에 한계가 있기 때문에 대량 살상무기를 끊임없이 개발하여 이 문제를 해결하려 하고 있어).

Does anyone have any idea what this means? Where does this idea come from, that our dangerously low population density drives our arms industry and the development of WMDs. Sounds like a weird twist on the old Japanese/Korean "Our country is too small" lament.
America's characteristic is that it is accustomed to war and it doesn't fear war.
Nonetheless Americans believe in God and that they have a mission to protect peace and freedom in the world.
Greed and moderation, war and peace, civilization and savagery, arrogance and compassion. America is a nation with two faces. Only by knowing those two faces can we properly face America.

America's problem is that it believes it s true identity and values are WASP, but they try to coop up many non-WASP citizens [within the WASP identity], and their escape [from said identity] can not be tolerated and their rejection brews discord.
The most typical thing is that the core thinking of Americans is that they think the society called America is the world, nay, the universe.
But did you know only 8% of Americans have passports?
Graphic shows a man and a cowboy)
Man: "I heard 90% of Americans haven't been able to go abroad?"
Cowboy: "It's not that they can't go, it's that they didn't choose to go, we have everything inside, why go abroad?"
"But America, that seems so global and world-class, is in fact not the most globalized.
Cowboy: 'Why globalize? America is the open world!'"

For those of you who don't know, this is a reference to the Korean story of the frog in the well, who thinks his dingy little well is something to brag about, when nothing could be further from the truth.

"But there's one thing we must never forget. America is a part of us. There are Americans in America, but those Americans are a part of every race and people that came over from around the world. The over 2 million Korean countrymen who live in America are a part of us that we can never hate, and have no reason to hate. And that fact will never change."

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