Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Chapter 8, pages 235-239 (wherein the Rothschilds establish Israel and creates J.P. Morgan while Hollywood Jews and orientalists brainwash the East)

The meeting of all the nations who won the Napoleonic War [The Congress of
Vienna] opened in 1814. This Congress of Vienna was really the Jews' victory
feast, as represented by Rothschild. In International finance and politics, it
had become impossible for anyone to ignore or obstruct the Jew.
(Graphic shows nobleman in a wig and a Jew)
Nobleman (to someone out of frame): "The Jews' power is too stro-"
Jew: "You wanna pay me back for the money you borrowed right now?"
After that the Rothschild family financed the construction of the Suez Canal in 1875. After World War 1 ended they pressured the British government with money.
(Graphic shows a British man and a Jew holding a money sack)
Jew: "Kick out the Arabs so the Jews can make a nation."
This resulted in the Balfour Declaration, promising the construction of a Jewish State.
Balfour: "Following Rothschild's proposal,
we vow to build a Jewish state in Palestine."
After World War 2, Rothschild financed huge amounts of money for the construction of the Israeli nation. Rothschild even spread into Eastern Europe and South America. They [unclear whether he's talking about the Jews or the Rothschilds] came to rule the world's finance and industry. The backlash and hatred against the Jews who use their money as a weapon to shake domestic and international politics burst forth like
a dam.
Antisemitism spread throughout the whole of Europe. The national
terror that was abuse of that anger in domestic politics was Hitler's massacre
of the Jews.
Hitler: "Jews, who ruin their host like parasites, must
disappear from the earth."

Note that there is no scale given to Hitler's massacre of the Jews. It's called terror[ism], which probably makes it sound like it was a) not so large scale and b) meant to scare the Jews he did not massacre.

After the War of Independence, America's industry and economy
amazingly expanded. [Nathan] Rothschild quickly formed a plan to spread into
Rothschild: "It's not difficult to grab the American market, but
the problem is if our clan appears in person America will resist us violently.
We must put up someone as a proxy to be our servant.
Spencer Morgan, a merchant Rothschild had had his eye on, was born in Massachusetts and established and operated Morgan Trading Company in London.
There is a rumor that Morgan was a Jew, and this is not clear, but
one thing that is certain is that he was Rothschild's servant.
He has this offhand way of implying that someone is a Jew, which serves as both an explanation of that person's actions and further proof that Jews are bad.

Rothschild dispatched his son John Pierpont Morgan to America as his full proxy
(총대리인). In New York he established J. P. Morgan Bank. J. P. Morgan Bank, thanks to Rothschild's massive funding power, was quickly able to rise to the strongest position in American finance.
J. P. Morgan and the other Jews that controlled American finance (미국의 금융업계를 장악한 J. P. 모건 등의 유대인들은) . . .

"The heart of world finance is New York." "So New York is where the greatest concentration of Jews in America are." "So 9.11 terror happened in New York."

Finally they succeeded in creating the Federal Reserve System, which regulates the American currency supply. Just as in England, the Jews secured top seats and grabbed the right to print money
(Photo of Alan Greenspan)

With Rothschild's backing, J.P. Morgan Bank grabbed DuPont, U.S. Steel, electric, telegraphs, telephone, chemical companies, et cetera. For a time, [Morgan] squeezed one fourth of America's total production and built a huge empire.
An Egyptian American philosopher named Edward Said is the authority on Orientalism".
(Photo of Said with speech bubble saying "Orientalism is cultural racism!")
The West, and especially Europe, consider themselves better and the Easter (orient) remainder of the world uncivilized and inferior. The core of Orientalism is the whites of Europe and America's justification for ruling the world. What is the most representative instance of Orientalism?
(Graphic shows a white pointing a camera at a Chinese person)
White: "Asia is mysterious!"
Chinese man: "I guess that means Europe is 'normal'.

I will remember this the next time someone here in Korea calls something about me "mysterious!" (신기해!)

They (Europe) use themselves as the standard to judge the rest of the world
and consider the East mysterious. Using whites as the measuring stick
for every value and judgment was called white supremacy and developed into
French philosopher Sartre pointed out this fact.
(Graphic shows a Frenchman and a turbaned man bowing to him.
Caption reads "Europeans became human while making monsters and slaves of the
East." (유럽인은 동양을 괴물과 종으로 만들면서 인간 되었다))

The above is my translation of the Korean translation of the original, which was written in Jean-Paul Sartre's Preface to Frantz Fanon's "The Wretched of the Earth", in which he writes "[A]ll of us without exception have profited by colonial exploitation. This fat, pale continent ends by falling into what Fanon rightly calls narcissism. Cocteau became irritated with Paris — ‘that city which talks about itself the whole time’. Is Europe any different? And that super-European monstrosity, North America? Chatter, chatter: liberty, equality, fraternity, love, honour, patriotism and what have you. All this did not prevent us from making anti-racial speeches about dirty niggers, dirty Jews and dirty Arabs. High-minded people, liberal or just soft-hearted, protest that they were shocked by such inconsistency; but they were either mistaken or dishonest, for with us there is nothing more consistent than a racist humanism since the European has only been able to become a man through creating slaves and monsters."

But it's not just Europeans. Americans are also thoroughly enslaved by orientalism.
(Graphic shows a cowboy)
Cowboy: "Whites are the center of the world. America is a country built by whites."
If we speak as Sartre did, we should say "Americans became the owners of their country while making slaves and monsters of the Indians."

The leader of the trend is none other than Hollywood movies. Like when England made its colony India inferior and whites superior . . . (영국이 식민지 인도를 열등화 하여 백인을 우월한 존재로 만든 것처럼). . . even in Nobel Prize winner Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book . . . (captions state "Mowgli is smart because he's a white child. The natives are on the same level as animals."). . . and in African Tarzan's story, too, whites are great and colored people (유색인) are inferior. (Caption states "Tarzan is white so he can teach himself how to read books. He gets together with white Jane.)
Hollywood movies play a decisive role in this propaganda and brainwashing. These movies were so magic that when a scene of early 20th century imperialism in which an American commander played by Charlton Heston penetrated into Beijing, it made even the victim Eastern audience (피해자인 동양의 관객들) cheer.
This is a reference to the movie 55 Days at Peking, in which Heston leads a multinational force going to Beijing to save the foreigners being held captive in the city by the Boxer rebellion.
Hollywood portrayed the Native Americans as savage and warlike and the whites as righteous and the embodiment of bravery. Even subject peoples clapped for the white side (피지배 민족까지 백인 편에 박수를 보내게 한 무서운 힘을 발휘했지).
(Graphic shows the author standing next to a sign that states "Now showing the great film "Men of the Wilderness (황야의 사나이들) The friendship and love of the brave men who faced the violent Indians)

The first people to fully perceive [the power of] this frightening cultural industry called film were the Jews. More Jews started the film industry with Jewish financing, and Jewish statesmen were implicated in the background.
(Graphic shows two bearded men)
Man 1"They're making a movie that badmouths the Jews (유대인을 깎아 내리는 영화 만든답니다)."
Man 2: "Don't let them make it."
It is still a Jewish industry employing Jewish artists. In early Hollywood the 8 studio heads were all Jewish. Beginning with the early film industry's biggest star, Charlie Chaplin, Fairbanks [sic], Buster Keaton, the 4 Marx Brothers, etc. were all Jews.
In the 1940s the world viewership of films reached 10 billion. In America, 4 billion movie ticket were sold. Of the world's 67,000 movie theaters, 17,000 of them were in America, sohow explosive do you think Hollywood's power was?
(Graphic shows a woman clapping at a movie screen with the caption "Movies really are the best way to brainwash the masses")

Second best. Comic books are still number one in my book.
It's because, unbelievably, until the 30s all the people who monopolized the film industry were Jews.
(Graphic shows a Jew)
Jew: "Make money and suppress antisemitism (반유대주의), Now that's killing two
birds with one stone."

Next time: Rockefeller, the media, communism, and how to tell a Jew by his last name.


madne0 said...

My goodness, this guy is a complete wacko! Seeing as he uses Said and Sartre as a source I can't be too surprised...As for the charges of white racism, can't really discredit them. It certainly existed in a much more mainstream way then it does now, but does he really think Asians were/are less racist? C'mon...

korean man said...

madneo, how does telling the truth make this guy a "wacko"? If telling the truth, as unpleasant as it may sound to those affiliated to the ugliness of the truth being conveyed (meaning, obviously you're of Caucasian descent), makes someone a "wacko," then that means that someone like, say, Martin Luther King, is the worst "wacko" of them all, right?

I don't see professor Lee denying the fact that Asians probably are the worst racists in the world. That's one fact. But that fact does not erase the truthfulness of the historical facts he's explaining.

"Yes, whites are racist, but you are too!" Get over yourself buddy. How old are you, five?

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